§ 158.314  EXEMPTIONS.
   The following signs may be allowed in addition to the signs permitted in § 158.311, but signs must be in conformance with all other state and local laws.
   (a)   Construction signs. Building contractors, lending institutions and professional firms may post temporary signs on site under construction. The total sign area shall not exceed 100 square feet or 20 feet in height and shall be removed upon completion of the project.
   (b)   Neighborhood identification signs. In any zone, a masonry wall, landscaping and other similar material or feature may be combined to form a display for neighborhood or tract identification, provided that the legend of the signs or display shall consist only of the neighborhood or tract name.
   (c)   Public signs. Signs of a noncommercial nature and in the public interest, erected by, or on the order of, a public officer in the performance of his or her duty shall be permitted.
   (d)   Integral signs; name. Names of building, dates of erection, monumental citations, commemorable tablets and the like, of permanent type construction and made an integral part of the building structure shall be permitted.
   (e)   Private traffic directional signs. Signs directing traffic movement onto and out of a commercial premises may be located at each vehicular entrance onto a public street.
   (f)   Real estate signs. Temporary real estate signs shall be permitted.
(1992 Code, App. F, § 17.05)  (Ord. 10-06, passed 1-23-2006)