Regulations regarding mobile homes and manufactured homes shall be as follows.
   (a)   A park intended for the placement of mobile homes and manufactured homes on rented lots and where the roads are not publicly dedicated shall meet the following minimum standards:
      (1)   A plan shall be prepared showing the layout of the park, including lot lines and road system. Upon approval of the conditional use permit for the park, the plan shall be filed in the county planning department and govern all future development;
      (2)   Each lot shall have a minimum size required for the zoning district in which the park is located. However, a smaller lot size may be approved as part of the conditional use permit;
      (3)   No dwelling or any structure, addition or appurtenance thereto shall be located less than the minimum setback required by the district in which the park is located. The setback requirements may be changed as part of the approval of the conditional use permit;
      (4)   Each lot shall abut or face a clear unoccupied space, roadway or street having a width of at least 34 feet where parking is permitted on both sides, 27 feet in width where parking is restricted to one side only and 24 feet wide where parking is prohibited, or be connected to the street or roadway by a private driveway not less than 12 feet in width, serving no more than four lots. A hard surfaced material shall be used on all roadways except in the RR district, in which case gravel may be used; and
      (5)   The park shall be a minimum of ten acres in size.
   (b)   A subdivision for manufactured homes shall be required to meet the subdivision regulations and the density, area and yard requirements for the district in which it is located. The subdivision shall be a minimum of ten acres in size.
   (c)   A conditional use application for a manufactured home, when located outside a park or subdivision, will be judged on the compatibility of the structure compared to neighboring dwelling units, including, but not limited to, width; length; area; number of stories; siding and roofing materials; roof style and pitch; and condition. In no instance shall the minimum width of the structure, exclusive of overhangs, be less than 22 feet.
   (d)   Manufactured homes and mobile homes existing prior to the effective date of adoption of these regulations may be replaced with another structure by making application for a conditional use permit. The compatibility of the replacement dwelling with neighboring dwellings shall be considered in reviewing the conditional use request.
   (e)   A mobile home or manufactured home may be located on land owned by the residents during the construction of a dwelling thereon, and must be removed upon completion of the dwelling or after one year, whichever occurs first.
   (f)   All mobile homes and manufactured homes as defined in § 158.471 must be located in conformance with these requirements.
(1992 Code, App. F, § 15.06)  (Ord. 10-06, passed 1-23-2006)