General Provisions
   95.01   Playing in street
   95.02   Demonstrations, display, or sale of merchandise on sidewalks
   95.03   Parades; in congested district
   95.04   Pedestrian assemblies
   95.05   Authority to issue citations
   95.15   Removal of debris from sidewalk; failure to remove after notice
   95.16   Removal of ice from sidewalks
   95.17   Service of notice
Repairing Sidewalks
   95.30   Responsibility for repairs
   95.31   Notice to owner to have repairs made
   95.32   No agent available; notice to be posted
   95.33   Notice to give property description; allotted time for repairs
   95.34   Filing protests
   95.35   Zoning Enforcement Officer to enforce compliance with order
   95.36   City to repair
   95.37   Permit required to do sidewalk work
   95.38   Permit fees
   95.39   Free permit
   95.40   Cement contractor's license required; application
   95.41   Bond and license fees
   95.42   Inspection of repair work; notice
   95.43   Curb grades
   95.44   Specifications for various sidewalk pavement; bids
   95.45   Failure to comply with rules and specifications
Street Specifications
   95.55   Minimum width for streets
   95.56   Streets to be constructed of concrete
Openings in Newly Paved Streets
   95.70   Opening restricted in new pavement; abrogation
   95.71   Charge for street opening permit during restriction
Sidewalk Replacement Program
   95.80   Sidewalk replacement program
   95.81   Marking and recording of sidewalks in need of repair under the sidewalk replacement program
   95.82   Notice to property owners regarding the sidewalk replacement program
   95.83   Right to appeal necessity to repair
   95.84   Village to cause necessary repairs to be completed by contractor for the sidewalk replacement program
   95.85   Special assessments for sidewalk replacement program
   95.86   Enforcement actions
   95.99   Penalty
   Barricades and warning lights; abandoned excavations, see § 91.04
   Defacing sidewalks, see § 91.09
   Driving on sidewalks, see § 72.58
   House numbering, see §§ 150.130 - 150.133
   Minors operating bicycles on sidewalks, see § 75.07
   Right-of-way, see Ch. 53
   Sidewalk obstructions; damage or injury, see § 91.05