The Village Manager shall, following the communication to Council required in § 95.81, cause notice to be provided to all property owners in the designated area of the need to replace sidewalks, the number associated with each the property, the estimated cost to do so, and the approximate time frame for this work to be completed.
   (A)   In the event that a property owner within the designated area does not have any sidewalk sections in need of repair, no notice shall be required.
   (B)   In the event when two or more property owners may have responsibility for a section of sidewalk in need of repair under § 95.30 of the Silverton Code of Ordinances, the village shall assume 100% responsibility for this section's replacement under the sidewalk replacement program.
   (C)   A property owner is free to fix or replace any sidewalk sections designated as in need of repair following the Village Manager's marking of same under § 95.81 at the property owner's sole expense, provided the property owner follows all requirements in §§ 95.30 to 95.45 of the Code of Ordinances.
   (D)   Notice to property owners for the sidewalk replacement program shall be by certified mail by provided under the standards also used in §§ 95.31 and 95.32 of the Code of Ordinances.
(Ord. 17-3538, passed 1-19-17)