§ 95.43  CURB GRADES.
   All sidewalks shall be constructed, reconstructed, or repaired under the supervision of the Zoning Enforcement Officer.  The grade of any sidewalk constructed in accordance with the provisions of this chapter shall conform to the curb grades of the street, and shall slope regularly from the top of the curb to the property line at the rate of from ¼-inch to ½-inch to each foot, as the Zoning Enforcement Officer (or designee) may direct.  At street intersections the slope of the sidewalks shall be worked out under the direction of the Zoning Enforcement Officer (or designee).  If, in any particular case, the provisions of this section shall be found impracticable, the Zoning Enforcement Officer (or designee) is authorized to modify their strict application.  Where an owner is dissatisfied with the modification proposed by the Zoning Enforcement Officer (or designee), he may appeal to the Council, provided in § 95.34, whose decision shall be final.
(‘91 Code § 96.43)  (Ord. 2476, passed 6-16-83; Am. Ord. 09-3303, passed 8-6-09)