The Village Manager or the Village Manager's designee shall prepare an accounting of the work performed in the designated area and shall note all property owners who had sections of sidewalk repaired under the sidewalk replacement program.
   (A)   The Village Solicitor shall prepare legislation to enable Council to assess 50% of the cost of the sidewalk replacement program to the abutting property owner of each section or sections repaired or replaced in the designated areas under the sidewalk replacement program.
   (B)   The property owner shall be charged special assessments in three annual equal installments totaling 50% of the cost of repair associated with their property.
   (C)   In the event that three annual equal installments would be exceed $150 per year, the property owner shall have the cost capped at $150 per year and the schedule of assessments extended beyond three years until the entirety of 50% of the cost associated with the sidewalk replacement program is repaid to the Village of Silverton.
(Ord. 17-3538, passed 1-19-17)