General Provisions
   91.01   Livestock, fowl and animal pens prohibited in town
   91.02   Domestic fowl
   91.10   Running at large prohibited
   91.11   Dogs creating noisy disturbance
   91.12   Impoundment; reclaiming impounded dog
   91.13   Regulation of the number of dogs which may be kept on certain premises
   91.14   Sanitation
   91.15   Nuisance/reckless owner
Animal Control Provisions Enforceable in Areas of Town Located Within Nash County
   91.25   Definitions
   91.26   Agency authority and responsibility
   91.27   Cruelty to animals
   91.28   Confinement, muzzling and control of vicious or dangerous domestic animals
   91.29   Animals creating nuisance prohibited
   91.30   Noisy animals
   91.31   Luring, molesting or teasing an animal
   91.32   Dog and cat identification tag
   91.33   Compliance with state rabies laws
   91.34   Vaccination of dogs, cats and other pets
   91.35   Vaccination tag and certificate
   91.36   Notice to County Health Director when person bitten; confinement of animal
   91.37   Destruction or confinement of animal bitten by a known or suspected rabid animal
   91.38   Area-wide emergency quarantine
   91.39   Post mortem diagnosis
   91.40   Unlawful killing or releasing of certain animals
   91.41   Failure to surrender animal for confinement or destruction
   91.42   Impoundment
   91.43   Notice to owner or keeper
   91.44   Redemption by owner or keeper generally
   91.45   Destruction or adoption of unredeemed animal generally
   91.46   Procedure with respect to redemption or adoption of unvaccinated dog or cat
   91.47   Immediate placement for adoption or destruction of owner-surrendered animals
   91.48   Destruction of wounded, diseased or unweaned animals
   91.49   Destruction of animals which cannot be seized by reasonable means
   91.50   Keeping stray animals; requirements, failure to surrender
   91.51   Non-domestic animals prohibited
   91.52   Collecting dogs and cats for resale; permit required
   91.53   Interference with enforcement
Animal Control Provisions Enforceable in Areas of Town Located Within Wilson and Edgecombe Counties
   91.65   Contracts with Wilson and Edgecombe Counties
Statutory reference:
   Regulation of domestic animals, see G.S. § 160A-187