Sewer Rates and Charges
1041.01   Definitions.
1041.02   Conditions for connections to sewers.
1041.03   Rental and service charges.
1041.04   Extraordinary waste; permits and exemptions.
1041.05   Industrial classification.
1041.06   Sewage strength determination for surcharge.
1041.07   Private water supplies; meters.
1041.08   Rentals for vacant premises; disconnections and reconnections.
1041.09   Reduction in sewer charges for water excluded from sewers.
1041.10   Computation of reduction of sewer rentals.
1041.11   Meter repair.
1041.12   Alternative methods of measurement of diverted water.
1041.13   Billing; default of payment.
1041.14   Responsibility for rentals.
1041.15   Computation of rental during portion of quarter.
   Privies, cesspools, etc. - see GEN. OFF. 664.02 et seq.
   Transportation of human excrement - see GEN. OFF. 664.05
   Disposal of excrement - see GEN. OFF. 664.06
   Accessibility of sewers - see GEN. OFF. 664.08
   Sewers generally - see S.U. & P.S. Ch. 1040
   Design of sewerage systems in flood hazard areas - see B . & H . 1460.24
Editor’s note: Pursuant to Ordinance 11-07, passed 7-26-07, the City of Sharon Sanitary Authority took over control of the sewer utility program in 2007.  It oversees the programs and regulations provided in Chapters 1040 and 1041.