(a)   (1)   Bills for sewer rentals and charges imposed by this chapter shall be rendered periodically, being not less often than quarterly nor more often than monthly, for the period immediately preceding the date of the bill.  Said bill shall be due and payable in full as of the date rendered.  If not paid within thirty days of rendering, said bill shall have added thereto a penalty in the amount of five percent of its face.  If said bill and penalty are not paid in full within sixty days of the original rendering, then there shall be added to the amount then owing interest at the rate of one and one-half percent per month for each month or portion thereof until paid in full.
      (2)   If any person refuses or neglects to pay said sewer rentals and charges for a period in excess of sixty days after rendering, the City may lien and/or collect the same in any manner authorized by law and/or may discontinue sewer service to any premises owned or occupied by said delinquent.  In addition thereto, the City shall add to any balance owing all costs and fees, including reasonable attorneys' fees, incurred by the City in its collection effort.
(Ord. 8-00. Passed 5-25-00.)
   (b)   If the owner or occupant of the premises serviced by the Shenango Valley Water Company neglects or fails to pay any bill rendered to him or her for sewer rental or charge for use of the City sewerage system, the Shenango Valley Water Company is hereby directed, upon request of the City, to shut off the supply of water to such premises until such overdue rentals, rates and charges, together with any penalties and interest thereon and the costs of cutting off and restoring such service, have been paid, provided that:
      (1)   At least ten days written notice of an intention to do so has been mailed to the person liable for the payment of the rentals or charges;
      (2)   Written notice has been posted at the main entrance of the premises affected; and
      (3)   (EDITOR'S NOTE: Division (b)(3) was repealed by Ordinance 15-02, passed September 26, 2002.)
(Ord. 15-90. Passed 12-19-90; Ord. 15-02. Passed 9-26-02.)
   (c)   The City may periodically provide for the publication of the names of persons delinquent in the payment of bills for sewer rentals and charges imposed by this chapter.  Not less than thirty days prior to said proposed publication, the City shall cause to have mailed to each record owner, by regular mail, postage prepaid, a notice of the City's intent to publicize said notice, setting forth the following:
      (1)   The specific address of the premises for which the sewer rentals and charges imposed by this chapter are delinquent and the name of each record owner;
      (2)   The outstanding principal sum delinquent as of the date of the notice;
      (3)   All accrued interest, penalties and charges through the date of the notice;
      (4)   The date or dates of proposed publication, along with the manner of proposed publication (newspaper, radio, cable, television, billboard, etc.);
      (5)   The deadline for curing the delinquency in order to prevent the proposed publication; and
      (6)   The amount required to be paid to cure the delinquency and prevent the proposed publication.
(Ord. 4-97. Passed 7-24-97.)