Sewers Generally
1040.00   Sanitary Authority
1040.01   Discharge of garbage into sanitary sewers.
1040.02   Discharge of industrial wastes into sanitary sewers.
1040.03   Discharge of surface or roof water into sanitary sewers.
1040.04   Use of street gutters and storm sewers for surface or roof water.
1040.05   Notice to stop discharge of surface or roof water into sanitary sewers.
1040.06   Nonresident connections; permit required; rental rates.
1040.07   Default of payment.
1040.08   Conditions of permit.
1040.09   Connection with sanitary sewers on border streets.
1040.10   Private disposal systems.
1040.11   Pretreatment standards.
1040.12   Certificate of compliance required.
1040.99   Penalty.
   Privies, cesspools, etc. - see GEN. OFF. 664.02 et seq.
   Transportation of human excrement - see GEN. OFF. 664.05
   Disposal of excrement - see GEN. OFF. 664.06
   Accessibility of sewers - see GEN. OFF. 664.08
   Sewer rates and charges - see S.U. & P.S. Ch. 1041
   Conditions for connections to sewers - see S.U. & P.S. 1041.02
   Design of sewerage systems in flood hazard areas - see B. & H. 1460.24