(a)   Any user of the City sewerage system paying sewer rentals or charges on the basis of metered water, who discharges less than his or her total water usage into the sewerage system, may make written application to the City for a reduction in his or her sewer rental because of water excluded from the City sewerage system. Such application shall be in a form acceptable to the City and shall contain information as the City may reasonably require, including supporting data fully describing other sources of water, as well as the manner of disposition of water alleged to be excluded from the City sewerage system. If it is established to the satisfaction of the City Engineer that a portion of the water utilized by the premises does not and cannot enter the City sewerage system, then the City may require or permit the installation of additional meters at the owner's or interested party's expense, in such a manner as to measure either the quantity of water actually excluded from the City sewerage system or the actual quantity of water discharged thereto.. Meters shall be of a type suitable for the service they are to perform and shall meet with the approval of the City Engineer. In addition, they shall be installed and maintained in a manner satisfactory to the City. The City Engineer may establish reasonable regulations to ensure the integrity of the measuring devices to be accessible to him or her at any reasonable hour for inspection.
(Ord. 20-86. Passed 12-29-86.)
   (b)   Any residential user of the City sewerage system paying sewer rentals or charges on the basis of metered water may have excluded therefrom, upon proper application to the City, that amount of water used for purposes of filling a residential swimming pool, provided that:
      (1)   Water discharged from the residential swimming pool is not, in any manner, discharged into the City's sanitary sewerage system; and
      (2)   Prior to use of water for purposes of filling a pool, the user advises the City of his or her intended use of water for the purposes stated and, further, makes appropriate arrangements with representatives of the City to monitor and verify the amount of water actually used for the purposes intended. Upon verification by the City, the proper ,City officials are hereby authorized to make appropriate refunds or credits with respect to the amount of metered water consumed for purposes of filling and/or maintaining residential swimming pools.
(Ord. 8-88. Passed 7-27-88.)