(a)   Pursuant to Ordinance 11-07, passed 7-26-07, the City of Sharon Sanitory Authority took over control of the sewer utility program in 2007.  It oversees the programs and regulations provided in Chapters 1040 and 1041.
   (b)   The term of the existence of the Authority shall be through July 1, 2057, unless extended.
   (c)   Board.  The city council shall have the exclusive right and power to appoint any and all subsequent members to the Board of the Sanitary Authority, subject, however, to the prior approval of the Board of Commissioners of the County of Mercer so long as any outstanding debt obligation of this Authority is guaranteed by the County of Mercer.  Any person appointed by the Council to fill a vacancy created by death, incapacity, disqualification, resignation, or removal shall only serve the remaining unexpired term held by the replaced member of the Authority.  All members appointed to the Board hereafter to fill a vacancy created by the expiration of a member’s term shall serve a term of five years.
(Ord. 11-07. Passed 7-26-07.)