Employees Generally
   EDITOR'S NOTE: Compensation, benefits and other incidents of employment are provided for Municipal employees by periodic Agreements between the City and representatives of the various classes of such employees. Copies of the latest such Agreements are available from the City Clerk, at cost. The provisions of this chapter apply to those Municipal personnel and to those subjects not otherwise provided for in such Agreements.
   Ordinance 9-87, passed June 24, 1987, adopted a Personnel Policy Manual for managerial, supervisory, confidential and other nonunion employees. Copies of such ordinance and of such Manual, as amended, may be obtained, at cost, from the City Clerk.
   Council, by ordinance, periodically adopts a classification plan for all nonunion administrative, technical and clerical employees, together with a pay plan for such employees for specific, designated years. Copies of such ordinances and of such plans may be obtained, at cost, from the City Clerk.
   Resolution 262-95, passed December 21, 1996, adopted the CDL Drug and Alcohol Testing Policy for the City, to be effective January 1, 1996. Copies of the Policy may be obtained, at cost, from the City Clerk.
   Ordinance 10-22, passed July 20, 2022, adopted the Employee Handbook for all managerial, supervisory, confidential, and all other nonunion employees., including employees of the Sharon Community Development Department, under the direct control of the City Manager and City Council. This Handbook may be changed at any time by appropriation action by the City without prior notice to any employee. This Handbook shall not be deemed to constitute a contract of employment, nor shall compliance with its provisions.
280.01   Definitions.
280.02    Fringe benefits.
280.03   Social media policy.
280.04   (Reserved)
280.05   Retroactivity.
280.06   Expense allowances. (Repealed)
280.07   Holidays. (Repealed)
280.08   Compulsory retirement; exceptions. (Repealed)
280.09   Grievances.
280.10   Residency requirement.
280.11   Compensation.
280.12   Conflict of laws.
280.13   Affirmative action.
280.14   Travel expense reimbursement policy.
280.15   Estimates of travel expenses and time. (Repealed)
280.16   Deferred compensation.
   Municipal Employees Retirement System - see ADM. Ch. 284
   Police Employees' Pension Plan - see ADM. Ch. 286 
   Firefighters' Pension Plan - see ADM. Ch. 288