Firefighters' Pension Plan
   EDITOR'S NOTE: This chapter, previously entitled "Firefighters' Pension Fund" was re-titled "Firefighters' Pension Plan" and re-enacted in its entirety upon the adoption of Ordinance 02-02, passed 4-8-02, codified herein.
288.005   Effective date.
288.01   Definitions.
288.02   Eligibility.
288.03   Contributions.
288.04   Benefits.
288.05   Retirement eligibility.
288.06   Retirement benefits.
288.07   Death benefits.
288.08   Termination of service before retirement/direct rollover of distributions.
288.09   The Pension Fund.
288.10   Amendment, termination and return of employer contributions.
288.11   Miscellaneous.
288.12   Applicable provisions of the Internal Revenue Code.
   Department of Fire-Rescue - see ADM. Ch. 240