(a)   All employees hired by the City Manager after the effective date of this section (Ordinance 3-85, passed February 27, 1985), either on an hourly rate or on a salary, shall be residents of the City. Council may grant exceptions to this section, up to sixty days, upon application and recommendation by the City Manager.
   (b)   There is excepted from the residency requirement all employees who work without fringe benefits and who are scheduled and do work less than 1,000 hours during any consecutive twelve-month period.
   (c)   There is excepted from the residency requirements for the Community Development Director position as long as the compensation is paid for in whole by Federal funds.
   (d)   Except as otherwise provided, all part-time employees, as defined herein, shall be exempt from the residency requirement of division (a) hereof.  For purposes of this division “part-time” is defined as an employee holding a non-temporary position who, during any rolling twelve month period works less than an average of thirty hours per calendar week during that twelve month period and receives no fringe benefits including but not limited to, retirement, medical, insurance, paid time off or any other benefit in addition to the designated salary or wage.
(Ord. 3-85.  Passed 2-27-85; Ord. 10-09.  Passed 10-15-09; Ord. 10-18.  Passed 8-15-18; Ord. 14-18.  Passed 12-5-18.)