Police Employees' Pension Plan
   EDITOR'S NOTE: This chapter, previously entitled "Police Pension Fund" was re-titled "Police Employees' Pension Plan" and re-enacted in its entirety upon the adoption of Ordinance 01-02, passed April 8, 2002, codified herein.
286.005   Effective date.
286.01   Definitions.
286.02   Eligibility.
286.03   Contributions.
286.04   Benefits.
286.05   Retirement eligibility.
286.06   Retirement benefits.
286.07   Death benefits.
286.08   Termination of service before retirement/direct rollover of distributions.
286.09   The Pension Fund.
286.10   Amendment, termination and return of employer contributions.
286.11   Miscellaneous.
286.12   Applicable provisions of the Internal Revenue Code.
   Police Department - see ADM. Ch. 246