23-4-1   Purpose
   23-4-2   Definitions
   23-4-3   Responsibility for implementation
   23-4-4   Interpretation and appeal; procedure
   23-4-5   Designation of responsible individual by consumer
   23-4-6   Surveys and investigations; responsibility of consumer
   23-4-7   Discontinuation of water service with notice; when allowed
   23-4-8   Immediate discontinuation of water service; when allowed
   23-4-9   Restoration of water service; defects to be corrected; reconnection fee
   23-4-10   Liability; city to hold City Manager and city employees harmless
Backflow Prevention
   23-4-11   Cross-connections; forbidden
   23-4-12   Hose bib vacuum breakers; where required
   23-4-13   Backflow prevention devices; installed at consumer’s expense
   23-4-14   Backflow prevention device; conditions where required
   23-4-15   Same; facilities where required
   23-4-16   Same; other circumstances where required
   23-4-17   Backflow prevention; type of protection required
   23-4-18   Same; anti-siphon vacuum breaker; where permissible
   23-4-19   Same; existing backflow prevention devices
   23-4-20   Strainers; when required
   23-4-21   Booster pumps; low pressure cut-off; required
   23-4-22   Yard hydrants; to be equipped with anti-siphon vacuum breaker
   23-4-23   Underground lawn and garden sprinklers; backflow prevention device required
   23-4-24   Fire suppression systems; review by City Manager
   23-4-25   Same; pharmaceutical grade anti-freeze; required
   23-4-26   Same; double check valve; required
   23-4-27   Same; existing systems; requirements