23-2-1   Meter system; established
   23-2-2   Water service rates
   23-2-3   Same; minimum charges
   23-2-4   Water service; application for
   23-2-5   Water for construction use; meters; charges
   23-2-6   Meters and reading
   23-2-7   Access to meters, pipes, fixtures, and entry on premises
   23-2-8   Water charges; due and delinquent; when; penalty; where payable
   23-2-9   Same; statements
   23-2-10   Delinquent bills; collections; suit
   23-2-11   Discontinuance and resumption of service; fee
   23-2-12   Same; fee; determination
   23-2-13   Same; assessment against property; lien; exception
   23-2-14   Same; remedies; cumulative
   23-2-15   Reserved
   23-2-16   Abandonment and destruction of premises; notice; discontinuance of service
   23-2-17   Water system; repairs; extension; suspension of service
   23-2-18   Fires; water use during
   23-2-19   Sprinkling lawns and gardens; irrigation; water use for; suspension
   23-2-20   Suspension of service; liability
   23-2-21   Repealed
   23-2-22   Consumer’s contract; rules, regulations, and water rates; amendments; effect