23-1-1   Public water system; extension; expense
   23-1-2   Mains; ownership
   23-1-3   Same; private construction; permission; effect
   23-1-4   Same; plans; specifications; maintenance; damages
   23-1-5   Mains; abutting and adjacent premises; connection
   23-1-6   Same; exception; application
   23-1-7   Same; permit; issuance
   23-1-8   Same; subsequent inspections and tests; revocation of permit
   23-1-9   Same; non-abutting premises; connection
   23-1-10   Same; annexable premises; connection
   23-1-11   Same; annexed premises
   23-1-12   Premises outside corporate limits; connections; conditions; disconnection
   23-1-13   Same; service lines; specifications; expense and damages
   23-1-14   Separate premises; service lines; meters
   23-1-15   Fire main; connection; permit; maintenance expense
   23-1-16   Premises within corporate limits; connections; application
   23-1-17   Premises outside corporate limits; connection; approval
   23-1-18   Same; application; form; content
   23-1-19   Same; application; prior approval
   23-1-20   Application to connect; fees
   23-1-21   Same; fees; determination
   23-1-22   Taps; installation
   23-1-23   Same; planned unit development
   23-1-24   Other connections; installed by whom
   23-1-25   System to be connected; inspection; notice
   23-1-26   Connections maintenance; repair
   23-1-27   Service lines; leaks; shut off; repair
   23-1-28   Meters; application; expense; installation
   23-1-29   Same; specifications
   23-1-30   Same; freezing; wrongful damage
   23-1-31   Same; tests
   23-1-32   Demolition and removal of building; disconnection; reconnection