553.01   Definitions.
553.02   Jurisdiction of the City.
553.03   Reckless operation.
553.04   Mooring prohibited in certain areas; severing of mooring lines.
553.05   Operating under influence of alcohol or drugs prohibited.
553.06   Sitting, standing, walking on moving vessel restricted.
553.07   Restricted areas.
553.08   Approved buoy or signs.
553.09   Application for designation of restricted areas.
553.10   Speed of vessel.
553.11   Operation, maneuvering or anchoring vessel.
553.12   Operator to stop and furnish information upon accident or collision.
553.13   Flashing lights prohibited; exceptions.
553.14   Siren prohibited; exceptions.
553.15   Child operators prohibited.
553.16   Operation without personal flotation device prohibited.
553.17   Incapacitated operators prohibited.
553.18   Failure to comply with law enforcement order; fleeing.
553.19   Duty upon approach of law enforcement vessel.
553.20   Water skiing confined to ski zones.
553.21   Observer required when towing skier.
553.22   Water skiing after dark prohibited.
553.23   Personal flotation device required for skiers.
553.24   (RESERVED)
553.25   Mooring at Municipal dock unlawful without permit.
553.26   Permits, issuance of.
553.27   Charges.
553.28   Permission for conducting special water events.
553.29   Engine warm-up required.
553.30   Children under ten must use appropriate size personal flotation device.
553.31   Distress signal or flag required.
553.32   Storage of unattended vessel or motor.
553.33   Storage of vessel or motor left in sunken, beached, drifting or docked condition.
553.34   Disposal of unclaimed vessel or motor.
553.35   Erecting a building, or dock within slip.
553.36   Sandusky Boat Ramp Launch Facility fees; rules of operation.
553.37   Disposal of abandoned vessel or motor.
553.38   Abandonment of vessel, or motor without notice to law enforcement official prohibited.
553.39   Exhaust muffler required.
553.40   Littering prohibited.
553.41   Firearms offenses; signaling devices.
553.42   Enforcement.
553.43   Fire extinguishers required on powercraft.
553.44   Tags indicating expiration date; attachment of identification number.
553.99   Penalty.
Watercraft - see Ohio R.C. Ch. 1547