608.01   Definitions.
608.02   Keeping livestock and poultry.
608.03   Wild animals.
608.04   Cruelty; abandonment.
608.05   Hunting.
608.06   Killing dangerous animals.
608.07   Reports, removal and deposit of dead animals.
608.08   Reports of animals struck by vehicles.
608.09   Rabies.
608.10   Authority to impound.
608.11   Registry of impounded dogs and cats; notification of owners.
608.12   Redemption and other disposition of impounded animals.
608.13   Animal nuisances; peace disturbances.
608.14   Dog and cat licenses.
608.15   Transfer of dog or cat ownership.
608.16   Maximum number of dogs or cats allowed.
608.17   Dogs and cats running at large.
608.18   Leashes required for dogs and cats.
608.19   Dogs and cats restricted from certain places.
608.20   Vicious dogs.
608.21   Use of animals for scientific purposes.
608.22   Managed care of feral cats.
608.99   Penalty.
   Cruelty to animals - see Ill. R.S. Ch. 8, 704 et seq.
   Power to prohibit cruelty to animals - see Ill. R.S. Ch. 24, 11-5-6
   Power to regulate and prohibit animals from running at large - see Ill. R.S. Ch. 24, 11-20-9
   Power to tax dogs - see Ill. R.S. Ch. 24, 11-20-9
   Dogs in food dealer establishments - see B.R. & T. 830.08
   Animals in parks - see GEN. OFF. 662.05(j)