General Provisions
   53.001   Purpose and policy
   53.002   Definitions
Use of Public Sewers
   53.010   Mandatory sewer connection
   53.011   Unlawful discharge to storm sewers or natural outlets
   53.012   Compliance with local, state, and federal laws
   53.013   Discharge of unpolluted waters into sewer
   53.014   Prohibited discharges
Private Wastewater Disposal
   53.025   Public sewer not available
   53.026   Requirements for installation
Building Sewers and Connections
   53.035   Permits
   53.036   Prohibited connections
   53.037   Design and installation
   53.038   Inspection
Pollutant Discharge Limits
   53.050   General conditions
   53.051   Restricted discharge
   53.052   Dilution of wastewater discharge
   53.053   Grease, oil and sand interceptors
   53.054   Special industrial pretreatment requirements
   53.055   Protection from accidental and slug discharges
   53.056   State requirements
   53.057   City's right of revision
   53.058   Federal categorical pretreatment standards
   53.059   Deadline for compliance with categorical standard
   53.060   Discharge of petroleum-contaminated groundwater from underground storage tank remediation sites
Pretreatment Program Administration
   53.070   Wastewater dischargers
   53.071   Wastewater contribution permits
   53.072   Permit modifications
   53.073   Permit conditions
   53.074   Permit duration
   53.075   Permit transfer
   53.076   Reporting requirements
   53.077   Choice of monitoring location
   53.078   Monitoring facilities
   53.079   Misrepresentation falsifying documents
   53.080   Inspection and sampling
   53.081   Pretreatment
   53.082   Confidential information
   53.090   Purpose
   53.091   Charges and fees
   53.092   Sewer service charges
   53.093   Sewer assessment fees
Powers and Authority of Inspectors
   53.105   Right to enter premises
   53.106   Right to obtain information regarding discharge
   53.107   Access to easements
Enforcement and Penalties
   53.120   Emergency suspension of service
   53.121   Notice of violation
   53.122   Extended time for correction
   53.123   Sanctions for violation
   53.124   Hearing
   53.125   Liability for expense
   53.126   Legal action
   53.127   Destruction of POTW
   53.128   Confidential information
   53.129   Enforcement response guide
   53.130   Timeframes for responses
   53.131   Enforcement responses
   53.132   Monitoring, testing, chain-of-custody and testing procedures
   53.133   Procedure for abatement of harmful discharge
Significant Noncompliance
   53.140   Significant noncompliance
Fees for Capital Improvements to Sanitary Sewer System
   53.145   Development fee
   53.146   Sewer assessment fee
   53.147   Use of funds
Illicit Discharges to the Storm Sewer System
   53.175   Authority
   53.176   General provisions
   53.177   Prohibitions
   53.178   Industrial or construction activity discharges
   53.179   Access and inspection of properties and facilities
   53.180   Notification of accidental discharges and spills
   53.181   Violations, enforcement and penalties
Control of Post-Construction Stormwater Runoff
   53.200   Authority
   53.201   Purpose and scope
   53.202   Applicability
   53.203   Utilization of BMP resources
   53.204   Requirements for stormwater management plan approval
   53.205   Maintenance agreements
   53.206   Enforcement
   53.207   Compatibility with other permits and ordinance requirements
Erosion Prevention and Sediment Control Requirements:
Lots at Least One Acre or Less than One Acre that are Part of a Common Development Plan
   53.220   Authority
   53.221   Purpose and intent
   53.222   Applicability
   53.223   Inspections
   53.224   Enforcement
Erosion Prevention and Sediment Control Requirements:
Lots Less than One Acre or not Part of a Larger Common Development Plan
   53.235   Authority
   53.236   Procedures
   53.237   Inspections
   53.238   Enforcement
   53.999   Penalty
   Disposal of medical refuse, see § 51.31