General Provisions
   153.001   Short title
   153.002   Authority
   153.003   Jurisdiction
   153.004   Effective dates
   153.005   Relationship to existing zoning ordinance
   153.006   Relationship to land use plan
   153.007   No use of land or building, except in conformity with chapter provisions
   153.008   Only one principle building permitted on one lot
   153.009   Street access
   153.010   Fees
   153.011   Severability
   153.012   Computation of time
   153.013   Definitions and interpretations
   153.014   Zoning Administrator
   153.015   Board of Aldermen
Non-Conforming Situations
   153.030   Definitions
   153.031   Continuation of non-conforming situations and completion of non-conforming projects
   153.032   Non-conforming lots
   153.033   Extension or enlargement of non-conforming situations
   153.034   Repair, maintenance and reconstruction
   153.035   Change in use of property where a non-conforming situation exists
   153.036   Abandonment and discontinuance of non-conforming situations
   153.037   Completion of non-conforming projects
   153.038   Non-conforming signs
Zoning Districts
   153.050   Residential districts established
   153.051   Commercial districts established
   153.052   Office and institutional districts established
   153.053   Industrial districts established
   153.054   Planned unit developments established
Zoning Map
   153.065   Official zoning map
   153.066   Amendments to official zoning map
Permissible Uses
   153.080   Table of permissible uses
   153.081   Use of the designations P, S, C in table of permissible uses
   153.082   Board of Adjustment jurisdiction over uses otherwise permissible with a zoning permit
   153.083   Permissible uses and specific exclusions
   153.084   Accessory uses
   153.085   Permissible uses not requiring permits
   153.086   Change in use
   153.087   Combination uses
   153.088   Planned unit developments
   153.089   More specific use controls
   153.090   General provisions for residential districts
   153.091   Outdoor swimming pools
   153.092   Exceptions to height regulations
Supplementary Use Regulations
   153.105   Special events
   153.106   Places of worship
   153.107   Public and private schools
   153.108   Parks, playgrounds and other recreational facilities of a non-commercial nature
   153.109   Child care homes
   153.110   Children’s day care facilities
   153.111   Bed and breakfast establishments
   153.112   Horse stables
   153.113   Rules and regulations for manufactured homes located both inside and outside of manufactured home parks within the zoning jurisdiction of the town
   153.114   Requirements for approval of manufactured home parks
   153.115   Satellite dish antennas
   153.116   Condominiums
   153.117   Sale of townhouses
   153.118   Adult establishments
   153.119   Telecommunications towers
   153.120   Fences
   153.121   Electronic gaming operations
Density and Dimensional Regulations
   153.135   Minimum lot size requirements
   153.136   Residential density
   153.137   Residential density bonuses
   153.138   Procedures for obtaining density bonuses
   153.139   Review criteria for density bonuses
   153.140   Maximum density bonuses
   153.141   Minimum lot widths
   153.142   Building setback requirements
   153.143   Exceptions and modifications
   153.144   Building height limitations
   153.145   Cluster subdivisions
   153.146   Location of accessory buildings
Open Space
   153.160   Usable open space
   153.161   Mini-parks optional
   153.162   Ownership and maintenance of required open space
   153.163   Dedication of open space
   153.164   Homeowners’ associations
   153.165   Flexibility in administration authorized
   153.166   Fees in lieu of usable open space
   153.180   Definitions
   153.181   Permit required for signs
   153.182   Signs exempt from regulation
   153.183   Certain temporary signs; permit exemptions and additional regulations
   153.184   Determining the number of signs
   153.185   Computation of sign area
   153.186   Total sign surface area
   153.187   Freestanding sign surface area
   153.188   Number of freestanding signs
   153.189   Subdivision and multi-family development entrance signs
   153.190   Location and height requirements
   153.191   Sign illumination and signs containing lights
   153.192   Miscellaneous requirements
   153.205   Board findings concerning the need for vehicle accommodation areas
   153.206   Definitions
   153.207   Number of parking spaces required
   153.208   Flexibility in administration required
   153.209   Parking space dimensions
   153.210   Required widths of parking area aisles and driveways
   153.211   General design requirements
   153.212   Vehicle accommodation area surfaces
   153.213   Joint use of required parking spaces
   153.214   Satellite parking
   153.215   Special provisions for lots with existing buildings
   153.216   Loading and unloading areas
   153.217   No parking to be indicated near fire hydrants
   153.230   Board findings concerning the need for screening requirements
   153.231   General screening standard
   153.232   Compliance with screening standard
   153.233   Descriptions of screens
   153.234   Table of screening requirements
   153.235   Flexibility in administration required
   153.236   Special screening considerations
Tree Preservation
   153.250   Statement of purpose
   153.251   Board findings and declaration of policy on tree preservation
   153.252   Definition
   153.253   Tree preservation and replacement in new non-residential developments and residential subdivisions
   153.254   Procedural requirements for removal of trees in certain areas
   153.255   Protection of regulated trees
   153.256   Shade trees in parking areas
   153.257   Required trees along dedicated residential streets
   153.270   Definition
   153.271   Board findings concerning the need for planting requirements
   153.272   Compliance with planting requirements
Guide for Landscaping
   153.285   Guide for protecting existing trees
   153.286   Standards for street and parking lot trees
   153.287   Typical parking lot planting islands
   153.288   Guide for planting trees
   153.289   Guide for planting shrubs
   153.290   List of recommended trees and shrubs
Planning and Zoning Board
   153.305   Appointment and terms of Planning and Zoning Board members
   153.306   Meetings of the Planning and Zoning Board
   153.307   Quorum and voting
   153.308   Powers and duties of Planning and Zoning Board
   153.309   Advisory committees
Board of Adjustment
   153.320   Appointment and terms of Board of Adjustment
   153.321   Meetings of the Board of Adjustment
   153.322   Quorum
   153.323   Voting
   153.324   Board of Adjustment officers
   153.325   Powers and duties of Board of Adjustment
Permits and Vested Rights
   153.340   Permits required; no occupancy, use or sale of lots until requirements fulfilled
   153.341   Who may submit permit applications
   153.342   Applications to be complete
   153.343   Staff consultation before formal application
   153.344   Staff consultation after application submitted
   153.345   Zoning permits
   153.346   Authorizing use or occupancy before completion of development under zoning permit
   153.347   Special use permits
   153.348   Recommendations on special use permits
   153.349   Conditional use permits
   153.350   Recommendations on conditional use permits
   153.351   Additional requirements on special use and conditional use permits
   153.352   Authorizing use, occupancy or sale before completion of development under special use or conditional use permits
   153.353   Completing developments in phases
   153.354   Expiration of permits
   153.355   Effect of permit on successors and assigns
   153.356   Amendments to and modifications of permits
   153.357   Reconsideration of Board action
   153.358   Applications to be processed expeditiously
   153.359   Maintenance of common areas, improvements and facilities
   153.360   Establishment of vested right
   153.361   Duration and termination of vested right
   153.362   Subsequent changes prohibited after establishment of vested right; exceptions
   153.363   Miscellaneous provisions pertaining to vested rights
Appeals, Variances, Interpretations
   153.375   Appeals
   153.376   Variances
   153.377   Interpretations
   153.378   Requests to be heard expeditiously
   153.379   Burden of proof in appeals and variances
   153.380   Board action on appeals and variances
Hearing Procedures for Appeals and Applications
   153.395   Hearing required on appeals and applications
   153.396   Notice of hearing
   153.397   Evidence
   153.398   Modification of application at hearing
   153.399   Record
   153.400   Written decision
Enforcement and Review
   153.415   Complaints regarding violations
   153.416   Persons liable
   153.417   Procedures upon discovery of violations
   153.418   Penalties and remedies for violations
   153.419   Permit revocation
   153.420   Judicial review
   153.435   Amendments in general
   153.436   Initiation of amendments
   153.437   Planning and Zoning Board consideration of proposed amendments
   153.438   Hearing required; notice
   153.439   Board of Aldermen action on amendments
   153.440   Ultimate issue before Board of Aldermen on amendments
   153.441   Protests to zoning district changes