Article I. General Provisions
15.36.010: Short Title
15.36.020: Intent And Purpose
15.36.030: Applicability
Article II. Sign Definitions And Measurement
15.36.040: Definitions
15.36.050: Area Measurement
15.36.060: Height Measurement
Article III. General Sign Standards
15.36.070: General Standards
15.36.080: Permits And Fees
15.36.090: Permit Submittal Requirements
15.36.100: Sign Approval Required
15.36.110: Construction And Maintenance Standards
15.36.120: Standards For Monument And Pedestal Signs
15.36.130: Maximum Brightness
15.36.140: Prohibited Signs
15.36.150: Signs Under Canopies Or Overhangs
15.36.160: Sign Programs
15.36.170: Temporary, Non-Commercial Signs On Private Property
Article IV. Sign Standards For Commercial Zoning Districts
15.36.190: General Commercial Sign Standards
15.36.200: C-1 And C-2 Zoning Districts
15.36.210: C-3 Zoning District
15.36.220: C-4 Zoning District
15.36.230: C-M Zoning District
15.36.240: Signs In The Downtown Business District
15.36.250: C-D Overlay District
15.36.260: A-P, A-P-C, And MF Zoning Districts
15.36.270: EV/AP Zoning District
Article V. Sign Standards For Residential Zoning Districts
15.36.280: For Sale, For Lease, For Rent Signs
15.36.290: Identification Signs In Multiple-Family Residential Districts
15.36.300: Identification Signs For Single-Family Residential Districts
15.36.305: Mobilehome Parks Zoning District
15.36.310: Signs For Nonresidential Uses In Residential Zoning Districts
Article VI. Sign Standards For Other Zoning Districts
15.36.330: MF, M-P, M-1, I-P, And M-2 Zoning Districts
15.36.340: E Zoning District
15.36.350: T Zoning District
15.36.360: P Zoning District
15.36.370: O Zoning District
15.36.380: A-D Zoning District
Article VII. Sign Standards For Specific Sign Types
15.36.390: Automobile And Watercraft Dealership Signs
15.36.400: Changeable Copy Signs
15.36.410: Freeway Facing Signs
15.36.420: Freeway Oriented Signs
15.36.430: Mandatory Signs
15.36.440: Movie Theater Signs
15.36.450: Multi-Tenant Signs
15.36.460: Neon On Buildings
15.36.470: Regional Shopping Center Signs
15.36.480: Regional Mall Signs
15.36.490: Service Station Signs
15.36.500: Main Identification Signs For Buildings Over One Hundred Thousand Square Feet In Area
15.36.510: Signs For Buildings Exceeding Three Stories In Height
Article VIII. Temporary Signs
15.36.520: General Regulations For Banner Signs
15.36.530: Banner Signs In Commercial And Industrial Zoning Districts
15.36.540: Banner Signs In Residential And Other Noncommercial And Nonindustrial Zoning Districts
15.36.550: Construction Signs
15.36.560: Open House Signs
15.36.570: Sale, Rent, And Lease Signs
15.36.580: Searchlights
15.36.590: Subdivision Signs
15.36.600: Window Signs
Article IX. Sign Code Enforcement And Administration
15.36.610: Abatement Of Nonconforming Signs
15.36.620: Notice Of Violation; Removal
15.36.630: Variance From Structural Requirements
15.36.640: Nonconforming Signs
15.36.650: Violation; Penalty
15.36.660: Judicial Review