A.   Upon receipt of the recommendation of the agencies and departments reviewing the development plan, the subdivision review committee shall approve, approve conditionally, or disapprove the development plan.
   B.   The subdivision review committee shall consider the effect which the approval of any subdivision might have on the economic, social, and esthetic characteristics of the surrounding neighborhood. When the subdivision shall be deemed by the city planning commission to comprise a complete community or neighborhood unit or other area possessed of a unified character or identity, and when varying from the strict and literal interpretation of the height, area, parking or yard requirements of Title 17 of this code will, in the opinion of the subdivision review committee, improve the design and development of the subdivision, the committee shall have authority to grant upon such conditions and safeguards as it may determine such varying therefrom as it may deem necessary to assure the most desirable development of the subdivision.
   C.   The subdivision review committee may require the preservation of such features as existing trees or tree masses, or root outcrops.
   D.   In the event that such development plan is disapproved or conditionally approved, the subdivision review committee shall return to the subdivider one copy of the plan with a statement of the reason for its action and a statement of what changes would be necessary to render the plan acceptable. Another copy of the plan, together with a copy of the statement, shall remain permanently in the files of the city planning commission and one copy of the aforesaid statement shall be sent to the following:
      1.   The city engineer;
      2.   The city building inspector; and
      3.   The superintendent of parks.
   E.   Should the subdivider be dissatisfied with any action of the subdivision review committee with respect to the development plan, or the kinds, nature or extent of the improvements recommended by the committee to be required, he or she may within fifteen days after such action, appeal in writing to the city planning commission for a public review thereof by the entire city planning commission. The city planning commission shall hear the appeal, upon notice to the subdivider at its next succeeding regular meeting at which time it shall consider the opinions of the subdivider and the recommendations of its subdivision review committee. Upon conclusion of the review the commission upon vote concurred in by a majority
of its members shall accept, modify, or reject the recommendations or findings of the subdivision review committee. In the event that the subdivider is dissatisfied with the action taken by the planning commission, he or she may appeal in writing to the City Council for a public hearing thereon, as provided for in Chapter 16.36.
   F.   Upon final approval of a development plan, one copy of the approved plan shall be retained permanently in the files of the city planning commission and one copy of the plan shall be transmitted to each of the following; the city engineer, the city building inspector and the superintendent of city parks. Subsequent building and planting within the subdivision by the subdivider or his or her agents shall be in accordance with the approved development plan.
   G.   In the event that the subdivider wishes to alter the development plan subsequent to its approval, he or she shall submit, together with his or her proposed revisions, reasons therefor which the subdivision review committee shall find proper and adequate prior to considering the proposed revisions. The subdivision review committee shall act upon the proposed revision within five working days of receipt thereof by the planning commission. (Ord. 143 § 1(part), 1960: Ord. 89 § 3.72, 1955).