The development plan shall be legibly drawn at a scale large enough to show clearly all details thereof, and the map of said plan shall contain the following information:
   1.   Finished grading;
   2.   The circulation system within the subdivision and its connection with the system outside of the subdivision, incorporating any pedestrian paths and proposed transit routes;
   3.   Relation of the subdivision to prevailing winds;
   4.   Relationship of shape and size of each house to shape, size and finished contours of its lots;
   5.   Relationship of one house to another and to any living areas, planting areas or screening between houses;
   6.   Planting, if any, to serve as screens, buffers, shade control or decoration to enhance neighborhood design or outdoor and indoor living areas;
   7.   A complete unit of the subdivision with houses correctly located and any main planting areas shown, to indicate that houses are placed on their lots considering grade, views, wind and relationship of adjacent or neighboring houses or structures;
   8.   Detailed drawing of typical dwellings, including floor plan, size plan and exterior elevations indicating application to the typical dwelling of the provisions of this section. (Ord. 143 § 1(part), 1960: Ord. 89 § 3.71, 1955).