The statement to accompany map shall contain the following information:
   A.   Existing use, or uses, of the property;
   B.   Proposed use of property. If property is proposed to be used for more than one purpose, the area, lots, or lot, proposed for each type of use shall be shown on the tentative map;
   C.   Statement of the improvements and public utilities, including water supply and sewerage disposal, proposed to be made or installed, and of the time at which such improvements are proposed to be completed;
   D.   Public areas proposed;
   E.   Tree planting proposed;
   F.   Restrictive covenants proposed;
   G.   Itemized estimated costs of construction, to include structures, buildings and improvements for public use;
   H.   Justification and reasons for any exceptions to provisions of this chapter. (Ord. 89 § 3.4, 1955).