A.   The subdivider, his or her agent, or others, or any builder of on site improvements shall submit a development plan to the city planning commission for approval by its subdivision review committee at any time after approval of the tentative map but at least thirty days prior to obtaining any building permit application for the proposed subdivision or portion thereof. Ten white prints of the development plan and the accompanying data shall be submitted. The development plan and the accompanying data shall be reviewed by the city engineer, city building inspector, superintendent of parks and such other city departments as may be concerned with the development plan. Recommendations of the technical staff shall be considered by the subdivision review committee of the city planning commission in acting upon the development plan.
   B.   Where lots are to be developed in groups of four or less by individual builders the planning commission may waiver all or part of the required data where such information is already provided by the tentative subdivision map. The provisions of this section may be waived by the planning commission where the building is to be owner occupied. (Ord. 186 (part), 1963: Ord. 143 § 1(part), 1960: Ord. 89 § 3.70, 1955).