16.12.100  CONTENTS.
   The tentative map shall contain the following information:
   A.   The subdivision name or number, date, north point, scale, and sufficient description to define the location and boundaries of the proposed subdivision;
   B.   The name and address of record owner or owners of the subdivision;
   C.   The name and address of the subdivider;
   D.   The name, business address, and number of the registered civil engineer, or licensed surveyor, who prepared the map of the subdivision;
   E.   Elevations and contours at intervals of five feet referred to city of Pinole datum, to determine slope of the land and the high and low points thereof, unless approval is obtained from the city engineer to allow greater intervals;
   F.   The locations, names, widths and approximate grades of all roads, streets, highways and ways in the proposed subdivision and along the boundaries thereof;
   G.   The location and character of all existing or proposed public utility facilities in the subdivision, or on the adjoining and contiguous highways, streets and ways;
   H.   The approximate widths, location and purpose of all existing or proposed easements contiguous to, and necessary to, the proposed subdivision;
   I.   Approximate lot layout and approximate dimensions of each lot and each to be numbered;
   J.   The outline of any existing buildings to remain in place, and their location in relation to existing or proposed street and lot lines;
   K.   Approximate location of all areas subject to inundation or storm water overflow, and the location, width, and direction of flow of all water courses;
   L.   Typical street sections and detail. (Ord. 89 § 3.3, 1955).