General Provisions
   30.001   Emergency succession
Meetings of Public Bodies
   30.020   Public meetings generally; notice of meetings; agenda; minutes; voting
   30.021   Time and place of Council meetings; quorum
   30.022   Order of business of Council meetings
   30.023   Rules of conduct of Council meetings
   30.024   “Meetings” defined
   30.025   “Public body” defined
   30.026   Closed sessions
   30.027   Emergency meetings
   30.028   Public participation
   30.029   Notice to news media
   30.030   Special meetings of Council
Disposition of Unclaimed Property
   30.045   Delivery to Chief of Police; record; custody
   30.046   Sale at auction
   30.047   Disposition of abandoned vehicles
Elections Generally
   30.060   Generally
   30.061   Number of candidates in primary election
   30.062   Write-in candidates in primary election
   30.063   Tie votes
   30.064   Petition, write-in, and other candidates for general election ballot; procedures
   30.065   Election to terms; order of names on ballot
   30.066   Joint and special elections
   30.067   Nomination of candidates by petition
   30.068   Recall procedure
   30.069   Candidate qualifications
   30.070   Candidate filing forms; deadlines; filing officer
Initiative and Referendum
   30.080   Scope of subchapter
   30.081   Definitions
   30.082   Prospective petition; authorization of petition; ballot title and caption
   30.083   Petition forms; declaratory judgments; circulation of petitions
   30.084   Signature sheets
   30.085   Petition affidavits
   30.086   Verification of signatures on petitions; time limit for filing signatures; notification of governing body
   30.087   Frequency of submission of same measure
   30.088   Authority of governing body to submit measures to direct vote
   30.089   Calling of election; notice of election
   30.090   Preparation and form of ballots
   30.091   Effect of initiative
   30.092   Referendum limitations
   30.093   Effect of referendum
   30.094   Applicability of state law; exclusions
   30.999   Penalties
   Mayor and Council, see Chapter 31