Sec. 1.   Incorporation; powers and duties generally.
Sec. 2.   Corporate limits.
Sec. 3.   Wards.
Sec. 4.   Municipal authorities to consist of mayor and common council; compensation of mayor and common council.
Sec. 5.   Common council to exercise corporate powers.
Sec. 6.   Election and qualifications of mayor, councilmen and recorder generally.
Sec. 7.   Chief of police and street commissioner.
Sec. 8.   Term of office of mayor and recorder.
Sec. 9.   Term of office of council members; council members to be residents and legal voters of respective wards.
Sec. 9-(a).   Elections of 1945, 1946 and 1947; biennial elections generally. (3-10-83; 2-26-07)
Sec. 9-(b).   Notice of election; publication requirement. (3-10-83)
Sec. 10.   Elections to be by wards; precincts and voting places generally.
Sec. 11.   Qualifications of voters.
Sec. 12.   Amended.
Sec. 12-(a).   Certificate of announcement declaring candidacy for elective office. (6-9-81; 1-9-90)
Sec. 12-(b).   1983 election and subsequent biennial elections to be held on non- partisan ballots; persons declared to be elected to take office. (6-9-81; 1-9-90)
Sec. 12-(c)   Filing fee for candidates for elective office. (6-9-81)
Sec. 12-(d)   Conduct of regular municipal elections generally. (6-9-81; 1-9-90)
Sec. 12-(e).   Receiving, casting, tabulation, canvassing, etc., of ballots generally. (6-9-81)
Sec. 13.   Tie votes in elections.
Sec. 14.   Contested elections.
Sec. 15.   Vacancies in offices of mayor, councilman, recorder, chief of police and street commissioner.
Sec. 16.   Duties of tax collector or recorder generally; other officers generally.
Sec. 17.   Oath of officers.
Sec. 18.    Reserved.
Sec. 19.   Repealed. (6-18-44)
Sec. 20.   Failure of officers to qualify.
Sec. 21.     Powers and duties of mayor generally.
Sec. 21-(a).   Municipal court.
Sec. 22.   Powers and duties of recorder generally.
Sec. 23.   Quorum of common council.
Sec. 24.   Records of ordinances, bonds, etc.
Sec. 25.   Reading of common council minutes; taking of ayes and noes.
Sec. 26   Mayor to vote only in case of tie.
Sec. 27   Common council meetings generally.
Sec. 28.   City money to be paid over to recorder; disbursements generally.
Sec. 29.   Recorder designated ex officio treasurer; recorder to give bond.
Sec. 30.   Powers and common council enumerated.
Sec. 30-(a).   Petitions for street, sidewalk and sewer improvements; improvement assessments, liens, etc.
Sec. 31.   Collection of taxes, fines and assessments.
Sec. 32.   Remedies for failure to collect, account for or pay over money.
Sec. 33.   Assessment, levy and collection of taxes to be governed by state law.
Sec. 34.   Licenses generally.
Sec. 35.   Licenses to be issued pursuant to state law; terms and expiration of licenses generally.
Sec. 36.   Eminent domain; fire companies; relief of taxpayers.
Sec. 37.   Powers and duties of chief of police.
Sec. 38.   Powers of street commissioner.
Sec. 39.   Inconsistent acts repealed.
Sec. 40.   Transitional provisions.