A.   The City Police Department shall investigate each applicant intending to conduct any of the business activities identified under subsection B of this section and shall return to the City License Administrator its recommendation to approve or disapprove of the application as soon as is reasonably practicable following such investigation.
   B.   The following business activities shall be investigated by the City Police Department:
      1.   Pawnbrokers, secondhand dealers, swap meets, flea markets;
      2.   Private investigators and detectives;
      3.   Gun shops;
      4.   Businesses conducting any alcohol product sales;
      5.   Sexually oriented businesses;
      6.   Coin dealers;
      7.   Massage establishments, including owner, operator, manager, managing employee or any other employee who is not, and who is not required to be, licensed by the State Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing as a massage therapist or apprentice;
      8.   Arcades;
      9.   Establishments which restrict admittance based solely on age;
      10.   Preschools, daycares or other childcare businesses;
      11.   Ice cream vendors;
      12.   Reiki massage establishments;
      13.   Swimming lessons;
      14.   Any other business or activity identified under State law as requiring investigations; and
      15.   Any other business where an individual has direct access to children or vulnerable adults. (Ord. 17-18)