A.   Every temporary business activity shall obtain a temporary business license which permits the licensee to conduct business in the City for a period not to exceed ninety (90) days in any one (1) location. A temporary business license applicant may not apply for a similar temporary business license more than twice within twelve (12) consecutive months from date of issue. A temporary business license may not be issued or obtained for the purpose of avoiding or attempting to avoid the licensing requirements for a regular business license. An applicant may not apply to operate a temporary business license under a different name for the purpose of avoiding the requirements of this section.
   B.   A temporary outdoor facility shall be removed within five (5) days after the expiration date of the temporary license or after the last day of the sales season, whichever occurs first.
   C.   For fireworks stands and Christmas tree lots:
      1.   A refundable cash deposit in the amount of two hundred dollars ($200.00) for each outdoor sales location shall be posted with the City to ensure prompt removal and cleanup after each sales season. Said cash deposit may only be refunded if a written request for a refund is made within thirty (30) days following the close of the business, and may be returned provided the owner has performed the required removal and cleanup of the business; and
      2.   Proof of personal and property and public liability insurance in force in the amount of one million dollars/three million dollars ($1,000,000.00/$3,000,000.00) with the City as a named insured shall be provided to the City.
   D.   Garage sales are allowed in all residential zoning districts and at all properties used residentially without a business license or permit provided that the sale is limited to two (2) consecutive days and no more than three (3) such sales are conducted at the same property in any twelve (12) month period. Organized neighborhood garage sales where sales are to be conducted by multiple residential property owners located within the same block or contiguous blocks require a special events permit as outlined in title 12, chapter 12.34 of this Code. (Ord. 17-18)