No license fee shall be imposed by the City on any business whose only activity is the delivery of property sold at a regular place of business licensed and maintained outside the City where:
   A.   The business is at the time of such delivery licensed by a Utah municipality or county; and
   B.   The authority licensing such business grants to licensees of the City making deliveries within its jurisdiction the same privileges, upon substantially the same terms as are granted by this title. However, before said business shall commence within the City, a police background investigation may be required if the City Police Chief deems it necessary; and
   C.   Neither the property delivered nor its manufacturing, producing or processing facilities are subject to inspection pursuant to any health or sanitary standards prescribed by the City; and
   D.   The delivery motor vehicle prominently displays a license plate or symbol issued by a Utah municipality or county evidencing compliance with its business license regulations. (Ord. 17-18)