A.   Written Complaint: If the City License Administrator finds grounds to suspend or revoke a license under the provisions of this title, the City License Administrator shall serve on such licensee a written complaint specifying the grounds for the suspension or revocation.
   B.   Hearing Scheduled: The City License Administrator shall schedule a hearing with a hearing officer who is on the list of hearing officers appointed by the Mayor pursuant to subsection 5.04.080A of this chapter, provided, however, that the hearing date shall not be less than twenty (20) calendar days from the date the licensee was served with the complaint. The City License Administrator shall notify the licensee of the hearing date no later than fifteen (15) calendar days before the hearing.
   C.   Hearing: The hearing officer shall conduct a full hearing and receive evidence and testimony relevant to whether the City should suspend or revoke the licensee's license. The hearing shall be held in accordance with the rules of administrative procedure.
   D.   Submission Of Written Findings And Recommendations: Within ten (10) calendar days following the conclusion of the hearing, the hearing officer shall submit written findings and recommendations to the Mayor.
   E.   Written Order: Within ten (10) calendar days from the date the hearing officer's written findings and recommendations were filed with the Mayor, the Mayor shall issue a written order, to be either personally served on or mailed to the licensee:
      1.   Suspending the license for a specified time;
      2.   Revoking the license; or
      3.   Maintaining the status of license as valid and effective.
   F.   Time Requirements: Any time requirements provided herein may be extended by written stipulation of the City License Administrator and the licensee.
   G.   Appeal To District Court: Any licensee aggrieved by an order of the Mayor pursuant to this section may appeal to a court of competent jurisdiction within thirty (30) calendar days after the Mayor's order is served as provided in this chapter. An appeal to District Court shall not stay implementation of the Mayor's order unless otherwise ordered by the District Court. (Ord. 17-18)