5.12.010: Definitions
5.12.020: General Provisions
5.12.030: Alcohol Training And Education Seminar
5.12.040: Compliance With Other Laws
5.12.050: Separate Business License Required
5.12.060: Transfer Of License
5.12.070: License Has No Property Value
5.12.080: City Retailer License Requires State Liquor License
5.12.090: License Subject To Civil And Criminal Proceedings
5.12.100: Dress And Costume Requirements
5.12.110: Licenses Prohibited For Residential Areas
5.12.120: Licenses Issued In Name Of Business
5.12.130: General Qualifications
5.12.140: Distance Requirements
5.12.150: Sales At Wholesale
5.12.160: Sales At Retail; License Required; Display Of License
5.12.170: Licenses And Permits; Classification
5.12.180: Single Event And Temporary Beer Event Permits
5.12.190: License And Permit Applications; Fees
5.12.200: Expiration And Renewal Of Existing Licenses
5.12.210: Alcoholic Beverage Sale; Hours Of Operation
5.12.220: Inspections Of Premises
5.12.230: Alcoholic Beverage Sales Prohibited To Minors
5.12.240: Intoxicated Persons
5.12.250: Off-Premises Beer Retailer License Required; Identification Requirements; Civil Penalty
5.12.260: Single Event Permits; Limitations
5.12.270: Severability
5.12.280: Criminal Offenses
5.12.290: Civil Fine