An application for a business or alcoholic beverage license may be denied, or an existing business or alcoholic beverage license may be suspended or revoked for any of the following grounds:
   A.   The licensee does not meet or fails to maintain the qualifications for a license as provided under this title;
   B.   False or incomplete information given on an application;
   C.   The licensee has violated, is violating, or due to the nature of licensee's business would violate any provision of this title or provisions of other City ordinances, State or Federal laws governing the licensee's business;
   D.   The licensee has obtained or aided another person to obtain a license by fraud or deceit;
   E.   The licensee fails to pay licensing fees including, without limitation, any penalty imposed for attempting to pay with a check, draft or financial transaction card that is not honored by the drawee;
   F.   The licensee refuses authorized representatives of the City to make an inspection or has interfered with such representatives while making an inspection;
   G.   The licensee is not complying with requirements or conditions set by the City;
   H.   Violation of City, State or Federal laws by the agents or employees of a licensee;
   I.   Any other reason provided in this title. (Ord. 17-18)