A.   Applications for City business licenses shall include the following information:
      1.   A specific statement identifying business activity(ies);
      2.   The kind of license desired;
      3.   Expiration date if a temporary business;
      4.   State sales tax number;
      5.   The street address and telephone number where such business is to be conducted;
      6.   Name that the business is to be licensed under;
      7.   Mailing address, if different than business address;
      8.   The name, date of birth and proof of identification through government issued picture ID of individual(s) applying for the license or individuals who are responsible for the business entity applying for the license;
      9.   The date of application;
      10.   Signature of owner or officer of the business or entity;
      11.   All other facts that are necessary to permit the City License Administrator to assess the license fee levied by this title.
   B.   Every certificate of license shall bear on its face:
      1.   The name of the person, business or entity to whom the license certificate has been issued;
      2.   The terms of the license, with the dates of its commencement and expiration;
      3.   Location where such business, trade or profession is conducted;
      4.   Space provided for the signature of the Mayor and attestation by the City Recorder;
      5.   The business activity approved for this location. (Ord. 17-18)