General Provisions
   150.001   Codes adopted by reference
   150.002   Fee schedules
   150.003   Construction Board of Adjustments
Additional Plumbing Regulations
   150.019   Tap-in inspections
Tree Preservation Program
   150.025   Permit required
   150.026   Purpose and intent
   150.027   Administration
   150.028   Standards
   150.029   Submittal requirements
   150.030   Procedures
Unsafe Buildings or Structures
   150.050   Public Safety and Housing Officer; duties
   150.051   Appeals
   150.052   Estimate of annual expenses
   150.053   Powers conferred by other laws
   150.054   Violations
Oversized Loads and Moving of Structures
   150.070   Moving/relocation permit
   150.071   State law compliance
   150.072   Liability insurance
   150.073   Hold harmless
   150.074   Site cleaning/grading bond required
   150.075   Code review
   150.076   Public safety requirements
Administration and Enforcement
   150.095   Building Official
   150.096   Department personnel
   150.097   Powers and duties of Building Official
   150.098   Conflicts of interest
   150.099   Review of proposed development
   150.100   Occupying building prior to issuance of certificate of occupancy prohibited
   150.110   Certificate of occupancy relative to impact fees
   150.200   Contractors decal program
   150.999   Penalty
   Appendix A: Moving permit application form
Statutory reference:
   Dwelling unfit for human habitation, see S.C. Code §§ 31-15-10 et seq.