The Engineering and Development Services shall administer this subchapter through plan reviews and enforcement of standards that are practical and reasonable for achieving the objectives of the town. It shall not be administered in such a way to hinder or infringe on the development property rights of citizens, but to ensure site improvements proceed in a manner that protects surrounding property from flood damage and prevents the unnecessary removal of buffers and trees. Therefore, this subchapter allows each property owner the ability to responsibly remove trees, alter land, and expand development on their property while effectively managing all stormwater runoff discharging from the project boundaries. The applicant shall demonstrate compliance by submission of a stormwater management plan and tree survey depicting existing and proposed site improvements. It shall conform to the natural water course of the surrounding area or with the proposed final grades of the larger common plan for the subdivision, if applicable. Issuance of a site improvement permit does not constitute a building permit, nor does it authorize vertical construction. It shall only authorize stormwater related site improvements. The permit may be administered independently or concurrently with a building permit submittal.
(Ord. 18103, passed 1-8-19; Am. Ord. 21037, passed 5-11-21)