(A)   As a condition precedent to the issuance of such permit, the Building Official shall require proof of automobile liability insurance. During the move, the moving company shall provide and maintain a comprehensive automobile liability insurance policy covering owned, hired and other non-owned automobiles. This shall be done to protect himself or herself, his or her agents, and his or her employees from claims for damage involving personal injury. This shall include wrongful death, accidental death and property damage that may arise from the use of motor vehicles engaged in various operations under this permit. The automobile liability policy shall provide minimum limits of liability as follows:
      Public Injury   $ 1,000,000 each person
      Liability   $ 2,000,000 each occurrence
      Property Damage
      Liability    $ 1,000,000 each occurrence
   (B)   The policy or policies shall name the town as additional insured and shall contain a clause that the insurer will not cancel the coverage without first giving the town 30 days notice in writing. A copy of such insurance certificates shall be provided to the Building Official. It shall indemnify the town against any damage caused by the moving of such building to streets, curbs, sidewalks, shade trees, highways, and any other property that may be affected by the moving of a building. Such insurance shall also be conditioned upon and liable for strict compliance with the terms of the permit, as to route to be taken and limit of time in which to repair and to pay the town as liquidated damages an amount not exceeding $50 to be prescribed by the Building Official for each and every day’s delay in completing such removal, in repairing any damages to property or public improvements, or in clearing all public streets, alleys or highways of all debris occasioned thereby.
(Ord. 02014, passed 4-9-02) Penalty, see § 150.999