§ 150.030 PROCEDURES.
   (A)    Contractor shall submit the application by uploading the single-family site improvement permit application with a plan to the Town Engineering and Development Services. See submittal requirements under § 150.029.
   (B)   Town staff shall conduct an internal review and site investigation. Following approval of the plan, the permit will be released. Following, the installation of protective provisions such as tree barricades, silt fence, and other applicable best management practices are to be installed.
   (C)   Contractor is authorized to commence site improvements once protective measures are in place and a pre-building permit inspection is scheduled.
   (D)   Town staff shall conduct an onsite site improvement inspection. Applicant shall be notified and have the opportunity to be present.
   (E)   Once site improvement inspection is approved, contractor shall be eligible for release of building permit.
(Ord. 18103, passed 1-8-19; Am. Ord. 21037, passed 5-11-21) Penalty, see § 150.999