(A)   The intent of this permit is to minimize tree and stormwater impacts due to construction on single-family lots. These requirements ensure the protection of neighboring properties from unmanaged stormwater and construction site sediment while minimizing impacts to existing trees and buffers.
   (B)   It shall be the responsibility of each property owner to undertake land development activity in a way that does not diffuse or cast concentrated runoff in a direction that will cause adverse impacts onto lower elevated property and to alter land in such a way that will not displace, deflect, obstruct or impede stormwater from higher elevated property.
   (C)   The owner or representative shall use good construction methods by implementing all means necessary to remain in compliance. The town review procedure is not to be used for design purposes, but to ensure the applicant is fully aware of their responsibility to make use of proper stormwater management techniques and the latest best management practices prior to undertaking land development activity. However, additional improvements may be required throughout the implementation process if deemed necessary following field inspection.
(Ord. 18103, passed 1-8-19)