(A)   The Planning Board shall consist of ten (10) regular members and one (1) alternate member serving five (5) year terms. Nine (9) of the regular members and any alternate members shall be citizens and residents of the City of Monroe and shall be appointed by City Council. One (1) regular member shall be a citizen and resident of the city’s extraterritorial area as provided in G.S. § 160A-360; such member shall be appointed by the Union County Board of Commissioners pursuant to G.S. § 160A-362 and shall have full voting rights on all matters coming before the Board. Alternate members shall serve on the Planning Board in the absence or temporary disqualification of any regular member or to fill a vacancy pending appointment of a member. Each alternate member serving on behalf of any regular member has all the powers and duties of a regular member. Alternate members shall not serve in the absence or temporary disqualification of the member who is a resident of the extraterritorial zoning jurisdiction, nor shall alternate members fill the vacancy of the position to be occupied by the resident of the extraterritorial zoning jurisdiction. Members may be removed for cause by the City Council. The chairperson shall receive seventy-five dollars ($75) per meeting attended. All other members shall receive fifty dollars ($50) per meeting attended.
   (B)   In addition to the forgoing regular members, one member of the Monroe Youth Council shall serve as an ex officio, non-voting, uncompensated member.
The Monroe Youth Council shall select the Youth Council ex officio member at the time it elects officers annually.
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