(A)   The Mayor is authorized to establish various ad hoc committees as deemed needed by the Mayor for the purpose of considering matters within the subject matter established for the committee and making recommendations to City Council.  The Mayor may also terminate such committees when there is no longer a need for the committee.
   (B)   Each Committee shall be composed of up to three City Council members to be appointed by the Mayor who shall also appoint the chair of the committee.  Although not required, each committee may have up to nine other citizen members appointed by City Council utilizing the same application appointment process as required for appointment to boards or commissions.  Council members shall be appointed to serve two-year terms beginning January 1 following each city election.  Non-council members shall serve two-year terms beginning January 1 following each city election and must make application for appointment prior to December 1.
   (C)   Appointment of non-council members shall be governed by the General Provisions for boards and commissions as set out in § 32.201 of the City Code of Ordinances.  All appointees shall be citizens of the City of Monroe except the Land Development Committee or any other committee involved in zoning or land use matters which shall have one non-council member appointment who shall be a resident and representative from the city extraterritorial jurisdiction (ETJ).
   (D)   Mayoral Committees are considered public bodies and shall operate and comply with the North Carolina Open Meetings Law, G.S. § 143.318.9 et seq.
(Ord. O-2013-26, passed 9-3-13)