(A)   The Board shall adopt rules for transaction of its business and shall keep a record of its members’ attendance and of its resolutions, discussions, findings, and recommendations, which shall be a public record. The Board shall hold at least one (1) meeting monthly, and all of its meetings shall be open to the public. There shall be a quorum of six (6) members for the purpose of taking any official action.
   (B)   All city officials shall, upon request, furnish to  the  Planning  Board  such  available  records  or information as it may require in its work.
   (C)   Any member of the Planning Board who misses more than three (3) consecutive regular meetings or more than half the regular meetings in a calendar year shall be subject to removal and replacement by the City Council.  Absences due to sickness, death or other emergencies of like nature shall be recognized as approved absences and shall not affect the member’s status on the Board; except, that in the event of a long illness or other cause for prolonged absence, the member shall be replaced.
(‘84 Code, § 2-55) (Ord. passed 8-8-79; Am. Ord. O-1999-39, passed 8-3-99; Am. Ord. O-2002-58, passed 10-1-02; Am. Ord. O-2003-36, passed 6-17-03; Am. Ord. O-2010-07, passed 5-4-10)