35.01   Composition
   35.02   Administrative Responsibility
   35.03   Reserved
   35.04   Chief of Police
   35.05   Powers and Duties of Police Officers
   35.06   Extraterritorial Jurisdiction of Police Officers
   35.07   Age Requirements
Auxiliary Police
   35.10   Auxiliary Police Division Established
   35.11   Chief of Police to Control Appointments and Removals
   35.12   Duties
   35.13   Benefits
False Alarms
   35.20   Definitions
   35.21   Alarm User Permit Required
   35.22   Multiple Alarm Systems
   35.23   Response to Alarm; Determination of Validity
   35.24   Review of False Alarm Determinations
   35.25   Service Charge Assessment for False Alarms, Revocation and Reinstatement of Alarm User Permits
   35.26   Intentional Activation of False Alarm Signal
   35.27   Disposition of Revenue
   35.28   Severability
Repeal and Reenactment
   35.40   Repeal and Reenactment of Existing Public Safety Ordinance (Chapter 35) of the City of Monroe Code of Ordinances
Prostitution - Exclusion Zone
   35.50   Definitions
   35.51   Designation of prostitution-exclusion zone
   35.52   Civil exclusions
   35.53   Issuance of exclusion notices
   35.54   Procedure
   35.55   Appeal and variances
   35.56   Penalty
   35.57   Listing of prostitution-exclusion zones
ABC Permits
   35.60   Police authority regarding criminal history information for applicants for ABC permits
   35.61   Sunday sales of malt beverages, unfortified wine, fortified wine, and mixed beverages