Article I. General Provisions
   7A-1   Short title
   7A-2   Interpretation; application
   7A-3   Definitions
   7A-4 – 7A-14   Reserved
Article II. Districts and Boundaries
   7A-15   Official zoning map
   7A-16   Rules of interpretation of district boundaries
   7A-17   Application of district regulations
   7A-18 – 7A-29   Reserved
Article III. Zoning Districts
   7A-30   District regulations established
   7A-31   1-RS Single-Family Residential District
   7A-32   2-RS Single-Family Residential District
   7A-33   3-RS Single-Family Residential District
   7A-34   4-RM Multi-Family Residential District
   7A-35   5-RMO Oceanfront Multi-Family District
   7A-36   6-B Downtown Business District
   7A-37   7-C General Commercial District
   7A-38   8-B Residential-Business Zone
   7A-39   9-I Institutional District
   7A-40   Churches, temples, places of worship, libraries, museums and schools in Residential District
   7A-41 – 7A-49 Reserved
Article IV. Supplementary District Regulations
   7A-50   Off-street parking
   7A-51   Site plan approval for Multi-Family Districts 4-RM and 5-RMO, 8-B Residential-Business District, 6-B Downtown Business District, and 7-C Commercial District and all uses structures approved by special exception
   7A-51.1   Site plan approval for single-family residential zoning districts 1-RS, 2-RS, and 3-RS
   7A-52   Signs
   7A-53   Fences and walls
   7A-54   Redivision of lots
   7A-55   Building construction
   7A-56   Prohibiting certain commercial vehicles in residential districts
   7A-57   Accessory structures
   7A-58   Vision clearance at corners
   7A-59   Exceptions to height regulations
   7A-60   Structures to have access
   7A-61   Establishments licensed to sell alcoholic beverages; location
   7A-62   Home occupations
   7A-62.1   Marijuana dispensaries
   7A-63   Townhouse restrictions
   7A-64   Animals; pets
   7A-65   Breezeways
   7A-66   Street endings
   7A-67   Trailers, boats and recreational vehicles
   7A-68   Satellite antennas
   7A-69   Display of merchandise
   7A-70   Federal and state elevation certificates and documentation
   7A-71    Residential lighting
   7A-72   Single-family residential second kitchen facility
   7A-73 – 7A-79   Reserved
Article V. Nonconforming Uses
   7A-80   Intent
   7A-81   Lots of record
   7A-82   Uses of land
   7A-83   Nonconforming structures
   7A-84   Nonconforming uses of structures and premises in combination
   7A-85   Nonconforming characteristic of use
   7A-86   Repairs and maintenance
   7A-87   Uses under special exception provisions
   7A-88 – 7A-99   Reserved
Article VI. Amendments
   7A-100   Regulations, restrictions, and boundaries may be amended
   7A-101   Procedure
   7A-102   Limitations
   7A-103   Binding development agreements
   7A-104   Reconsideration of district boundary changes
   7A-105 – 7A-119   Reserved
Article VII. Schedule of Fees, Charges, and Expenses
   7A-120   Fees and charges
   7A-121   Payment of fees, costs, and charges prior to Issuance of permits or certificates
   7A-122 – 7A-134   Reserved
Article VIII. Planning and Zoning Board
   7A-135   Establishment; terms and membership
   7A-136   Proceedings of Board
   7A-137   Powers and duties
   7A-138 – 7A-149   Reserved
Article IX. Board of Adjustment
   7A-150   Establishment; terms and membership
   7A-151   Proceedings of Board
   7A-152   Powers and duties
   7A-153   Hearings
   7A-154   Decisions of Board
   7A-155   Rehearings
   7A-156   Informing Board of powers and duties
   7A-157   Repealed
   7A-158 – 7A-169   Reserved
Article X. Administration and Enforcement
   7A-170   Designating the administrative and enforcement officials
   7A-171   Duties of Administrative Official, Board of Adjustment, Town Commission and courts on matters of appeal
   7A-172   Complaints regarding violations
   7A-173   Penalty
   7A-174 – 7A-199   Reserved