Employment Provisions
   EDITOR'S NOTE:  Compensation and salary provisions are not codified herein since they are subject to frequent change.
155.01   Residency requirements.
155.02   Mileage and travel expenses.
155.03   Use of private vehicle on Village business; insurance certificate.
155.04   Police officer’s clothing allowance.
155.05   Street Department work hours.
155.06   Sewage Department work hours.
155.07   Vacations.
155.071   Payment of unused vacation time.
155.072   Carryover of vacation time.
155.08   Holidays.
155.09   Hospitalization.
155.10   Sick leave.
155.11   Payroll deduction for health  care benefits.
155.12   Drug free work place policy.
Welfare - see Ohio Const., Art. II, Sec. 34
Workers' compensation - see Ohio Const., Art. II, Sec. 35; Ohio R.C. Ch. 4123
Wages and hours on public works - see Ohio Const., Art. II, Sec. 37; Ohio R.C. Ch. 4115
Deductions for dues and savings - see Ohio R.C. 9.41, 9.43
Deductions for municipal income tax - see Ohio R.C. 9.42
Public Employees Retirement System - see Ohio R.C. Ch. 145
Expenses for attendance at conference or convention - see Ohio R.C. 733.79