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   A.   City officials, agency employees, appointees awaiting confirmation by the City Council, and candidates for elected City office shall not misuse or attempt to misuse their positions or prospective positions to create or attempt to create a private advantage or disadvantage, financial or otherwise, for any person.
   B.   City officials and agency employees shall not engage in political activity in the following scenarios:
   1.   While on duty for the City.
   2.   In any manner that implies the City official or agency employee is speaking on behalf of the City or communicating a City position. This may include but is not limited to engaging in political activity in the following scenarios:
   a.   While wearing a uniform or official City insignia; or
   b.   Using a City title or position.
   3.   In a room or building that is owned by the City or primarily paid for or used by the City and occupied by a City official or agency employee in the discharge of City duties. This does not include a City room or building that is available to the public for organized campaign activities as long as the City official or agency employee does not use the room or building during the official's or employee's City working hours and does not use other City resources for the activity.
   4.   Using City equipment, vehicle, supplies, or resources, including but not limited to mailing and distribution lists, electronic mail, and electronic data.
   C.   A person shall not induce or coerce or attempt to induce or coerce another person to engage in activity prohibited by Subsections A. or B.
   D.   This Section does not prohibit the use of City resources to provide information to the public about the possible effects of a bond issue or ballot measure relating to City activities, operations, or policies when the use of public resources is otherwise legally authorized.